How to Use the Website

We're keen every team makes use of our new website. That's why we've invested in a site that is simple and easy to update allowing each team to create their own pages, upload squad lists, match reports and photos.

We know websites can be a little daunting but if you can use Word, you can use this site.

If your team would like to create your own page click here to request a user name and password, along with the details of your team name, age group and coaching/ management.

You'll then be able to login and start to manage your pages.

Using a 'front end' content managment system (CMS) the parts of the site you can edit are highlighted in yellow boxes. Click on a box and an editor will appear in place, not on a separate page.

First you'll want to create a Page.

Select your teams' 'Homepage' then use the Page Options in the top banner, click on the second tab along Add Page and enter the title for the page. This is the title which will appear in the left hand menu so keep it short!

The page will then be added - but wil be UnPublished (invisible to the public) until you're ready, so you can work on the content at your own pace.

Add an image using the library or browser to upload new images (see below) and give your image a caption - this is important as anyone using the sight with a visual impairment may use screen reader spftware which will use this caption to descirbe the image.

Click on the OK button to save.

Give you page a subheading or introductory paragraph to make it clear what the contents of the page will be.

Click on the OK button to save, then add body text.

You can format text to Bold, italic or underlined with one click and create bullet points:

  • By typing in your list
  • Breaking each with a return
  • Then highlight and click the bullet button - simple!

Type away, click OK and the site is updated instantly.

You can add images by either browsing the existing library, or upload your own by using the Browse button to point to your JPeg image on your computer. Once uploaded, you can select it, crop it if you want to and even manage the thumbnail image. If you're using a high end camera your files may be very large in size which may in time slow the site down. Each image idealy should be no larger than 300kb in size but the size will recompress larger files - it will just make your upload time longer! Files wil be fomatted to 550 pixels wide and 300 deep. There are many online image editing sites if you don't have any software. Use the links on the right hand side to exlplore a few!

If you're into web design and know a bit about HTML coding you can use the advanced HTML option.

On the right hand side you can add links to other websites and uplaod files - such as contact lists, fixture lists or any other documents you'd like to share. Click on the green button to add files or links or drag links and files into the red delete button to remove them.

When you're happy with the page and content, click the Publish button across the top banner - and that's it.

As with all websites of this kind, you must take responsibility for all materials you publish - so please, consider what you upload before you publsh. The clubs' reputation rests in your hands....