Wirksworth Colts Rovers U10s

Wirksworth Colts Rovers Under 10s
Wirksworth Colts Rovers Under 10s

Meet the team


A versatile and powerful player. as a goalie Owen is like a cat, diving and stopping shots that no goalie has a right to reach. He has kept the Rovers in many games with match saving stops. He is equally as gifted as an attacking midfielder, and there a few more effective players going forward.


Jamie is another great keeper who will throw himself at the feet of attackers with immense bravery. He also operates brilliantly as a goal hungry striker. His powerful runs have become a feature of the team this season and he strikes fear into opposition defences.


A brilliant defender standing strong and steadfast at the heart of the Rovers defence. Richard communicates brilliantly with his team and clears the lines effortlessly. He distributes the ball superbly and can also unleash one heck of a shot. Not much gets past this fella!


Another great defender Sam is a very gifted player. He is clever and ruthlessly efficient, tidying up at the back effortlessly and distributing the ball to fellow team mates. He makes the game look easy.


Vital to the team Rueben is an attack minded defender. Quick, agile and intelligent with an engine that never stops, Rueben will hassle and bother opponents into making errors which he then pounces on. A wonderful player.


The powerhouse of the team! Spike just keeps going and going at the heart of midfield. He is strong, energetic and ruthless in the tackle. He has an awesome long throw and will give his all, all the time.


A really versatile player, comfortable in defence or midfield. Lewis covers every scrap of the pitch chasing down the opposition and clearing danger zones. Lewis loves nothing more than going towards the opposition with the ball at his feet and also has a powerful shot.


An attack minded left sided player, Lucas has a stunning left foot and an awesome dribbling skill. He runs past defenders as if they weren't there and crosses and shoots in the blink of an eye. Most play comes through Lucas; he is a potent weapon in the team's arsenal.


A classic centre forward. Billy really gets at the opposition and bothers defences. He reads the game superbly and gets himself in goal scoring zones before defenders have clocked him. He can dribble, shoot and is always ready to pounce on loose balls or inviting crosses.